Laser Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic self-administered laser teeth whitening in Bradford.

Millionhairs offers cosmetic self-administered laser teeth whitening in Bradford from an incredible £75.00.

The Process

The session will take 1hr and you will need to fill a consultation form in prior to starting.
You will place a pre-filled gum shield into your mouth and relax under the led light for 3 x 15-minute sessions.
After each session, you will remove the gum shield and reapply a fresh pre-filled one.


It is recommended that choose a white diet for 48 hours after treatment, ie fish, chicken, rice, pasta etc.
No tea or coffee or any drinks with colour also for 48 hours.
No smoking for 6 hrs after whitening sessions.

You will receive FREE a whitening aftercare product to help maintain you white smile.

Please Note

1. We use a self-administered system which gives whitening results to the teeth.
2. We are not dentists and do not offer any advice or instructions on oral dental care this is to be done by a registered dentist only.

Please Call 01274 591321 to Make an Appointment