Tone up your body with the fantastic Flabélos vibration trainer system at Millionhairs.

The FLABéLOS vibration trainer is an effective, quick and easy way to exercise without putting any unnecessary strain and pressure on your joints.


How does it work?

The Vibration plate works on the principle of WBV. (Whole body vibration). WBV stimulates blood vessels and muscles to contract and relax. Due to this intense movement, your brain sends signals to your muscles instructing them to contract involuntarily at an increased speed which promotes a neuromuscular response.


We are delighted to announce a fabulous range of FLABéLOS packages, representing incredible value for money.

10 minute session – £4
1 week (3 x 10 min sessions) – £10
1 week unlimited – £25
1 month (12 x 10 min sessions) – £30
1 month unlimited – £50
6 months (3 x 20 min sessions) – £99
6 months unlimited – £125
12 months (3 x 20 min sessions) – £99
12 months unlimited – £175

For more information please visit the official FLABéLOS website

Please Call 01274 591321 to Make an Appointment